The King is a Walloon!

"Baudouin = Walloon, long live the republic!"

“Baudouin = Walloon, long live the republic!”

“Baudouin (previous King) is a walloon, long live the republic”… Old Flemish nationalist graffiti spied in Leuven the other day.

The city of Leuven is still littered with the remains of antifa stickers and graffiti after a confrontation between far right vlaams nationalists and antifa a couple of months ago.

It’s an odd thing nationalism, I would have thought that a country as small as this would be too small for such nonsense, everyone living cheek by jowl, but no.

Here as much as anywhere, raise the black flag, fuck borders, fuck bosses and fuck racist tossers!

Next week I want to find these guys.

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